Small dog bowl #008
Small dog bowl #008
Small dog bowl #008

Small dog bowl #008


A dog bowl your pup can't push around. Water tight, sturdy and fit for any dog diet. These textural bowls are hand-made with high quality stoneware by local potter Margi Nuttal — robust simplicity at its best. No two bowls are the same, and are made just for dogdogdog.

The clay used for all these bowls is stoneware and is fired to 1250ºC to create a look and density that is stone like and is much stronger than earthenware clays. The white smooth clay and light brown are both sourced from the South Island, New Zealand. The gritty white comes from Australia and the dark brown from USA. All materials are safe for domestic use. The bowls are robust due to the nature of clay, but just like a coffee mug they will break if dropped on a hard surface.

Diameter 14.5cm
Height 7.5cm
Weight approx 1.0-1.25kg
Please note all bowls are slightly different dimensions, as they are all individually hand made.

Unglazed outer / waterproof glazed inner.

Clean by traditional methods, with soap and water, or a dry wipe.

The stoneware contains no lead or chemicals.

Made in New Zealand.